Why so many developers belong in the basement

I am a programmer because I don't like talking to people. Not because I don't like people, but because I'm not the most adept at conversation. For years, I've misspoke or spoke to myself and people inferred I was disturbed. I suppose some thought I was high. Sometimes I may have been, too. Regardless, I am not always held in the highest of esteem because of this annoying habit.

This presents a problem because I like talking. But sometimes when I talk, it's at the wrong moment, or in the wrong context, and suddenly eyes fall on me.

Sometimes, I'm far more comfortable talking to myself. Yet, there are few legitimate reasons for talking to yourself. Praying is one; BlueTooth is another. I do neither.

This is one single behavior. Just one. Yet, if I eliminated it, no strangers would ever assume I was homeless. I found it striking that I could change so many people's opinion of my simply by talking less.

Another principle of life.

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