Marking a function as a test in PHPUnit

I don't like the policy of prepending a method name in order to make it testable. For instance, suppose I am testing the method getName(). My test might look like this:

  public function testGetName()

By adding 'test' at the front of the method, I have obfuscated the method, and it takes a little bit longer to know what I am testing.

That's why I like to use annotations instead:

   * @test
  public function getName()

If you add the annotation @test to your doc block before the function, PHPUnit will recognize it, and execute the method as a unit test.

Apple has more failures than successes

There is a reason why Apple is the biggest company in the world: it keeps going back to the drawing board. In fact, if you lined up Apple's success stories beside Apple failures, you would find out that there are far more flops than flourishes.

Remember the Newton (the first PDA to hit the market, which lasted perhaps 12 minutes before being dumped), or Macintosh TV. Do you remember the Mac Mouse, the round apple turd of a mouse that everyone hated?

There are countless flubs. But Apple owned these failures, which means that they kept pumping out new ideas. You may recall that a few of them actually had mild success. Or are you still using Windows Media Player?

Here's an excellent infographic that shows the history of Apple blunders and successes: