How do I get an application back to my main window?

I just discovered an annoying Microsoft bug:

If you disconnect your second monitor, before moving the visible applications back to the primary monitor, Windows will continue to launch them off screen. And then you're in for a world of hurt, because it's not obvious how to get them back.

I don't know why Windows will launch applications off screen if there is no second monitor detected. Even worse, I don't know why they don't make it easy to get the application visible again. But they don't and here's how you do it:
  1. Use ALT+TAB to switch to the off-screen application.
  2. Press ALT-SPACE to launch the system menu (you won't see: it;s off screen)
  3. Press R to select the "Restore" menu option which ensures the windows isn't is maximized (a maximized app can't be moved)
  4. Press ALT-SPACE ,
  5. Press M to select the "Move" menu option.
  6. Press any arrow key to transfer focus
  7. Now just use the mouse to place the window where you want (or just hold down the arrow key to slowly bring it in to view)
This method is, of course, preferable to a reset button which moves the application back to the main monitor. Count on Microsoft for finding the easiest way to accomplish something, then not doing it that way.

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