Where do all my deleted characters go?

QUESTION: When I delete words on my Word document, where do they go?

ANSWER: There is a debate in the scientific and religious community over this.

Some maintain that all words must be judged. Good words go to heaven and bad words go to hell. Pronouns and adjectives go to limbo where they must be used in sentences about puppies and rainbows before they are admitted to heaven.

Some maintain that there is no afterlife for deleted words. Instead, they are returned back to this world rearranged as new words. Depending on how virtuous the sentence is, they will either appear as lines for characters in Broadway musicals, or as captions for the dirty pictures in fuck books. Numbers, if they are used in mathematically correct equations, will return as higher prime numbers, while those in incorrect equations are returned as price tags at Wal Mart.

Atheists, on the other hand, claim that words simply disappear. They believe that words only exists as long as they are visible on the screen and, once deleted, stop existing.

Agnostics are unsure and unwilling to commit to one belief or another. Every so often, however, they will check the trash, just in case.

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