Steve Jobs - the Internet has voted

Just weeks after his death, and Steve Jobs is still leaving a wake from his passing. In just 12 hours after he died, the Twittosphere was filled with 2.5 million tweets. Then came over 6,000 blogs and news articles, the vast majority testifying to his greatness.

And then came the inevitable backlash, on reddit, on imgur, on facebook, that Steve Jobs was, after all, just a man, just a capitalist, and his lasting legacy is a bunch of electronic toys.

So which is it? According to the Internet, it's not even close. If you Google for matching results, you find a massive disparity:

Search termMatching pages
Steve Jobs rules238,000,000
Steve Jobs drools4,800,000
Steve Jobs sucks7,260,000
Steve Jobs is evil79,000,000
Steve Jobs is kind228,000,000
Steve Jobs created183,000,000
Steve Jobs destroyed13,000,000
Steve Jobs was a woman277,000,000
Steve Jobs was a man515,000,000
Steve Jobs was a monster4,000,000
Steve Jobs was a god195,000,000

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