A chronicle of the types of bugs found in programming

The Beatle: a bug found by the CEO. Therefore, it's bigger than Jesus.

Bugfoot: a bug that cannot be reproduced and has only been sighted by a single person.

Counterbug: A defensive move useful for code reviews. If someone reviewing your code presents you with a bug that’s your fault, you counter with a counterbug: a bug caused by the reviewer.

Dinkrement: A counter placed in the middle of complex code, with no explanation of what it is or why it is there. All it does is increment itself. And you have no idea what to do with it.

Heisenbug: The Heisenbug Uncertainty Principle states that the more you know where a bug is to be found, the less you know about how to fix it. The more you know about how to fix a bug, he less you know about where it occurs.

Hindenbug: A catastrophic bug that causes the entire database to burst into flame and crash to the earth

Shrug Report: A bug ticket filed by an idiot who notes that something is broken, but doesn't say how to duplicate the issue, doesn't fully describe what went wrong, and doesn't describe the expected behavior. Also know as a Bug Dicket. Usually contains the phrase "doesn’t work."

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