Happy birthday google, You're not evil. Yet.

13 years old this month. Just old enough to be a teenager. In fact, you are not only a precocious teenager, you're a hipster teenager:

  • You're convinced you know everything,

  • When we tell you we need something, you suggest we need something else,

  • iPhones are too mainstream for you, and you won't use them,

  • You don't use Facebook. You have your own social network. We've probably never heard of it.

  • You have the appetite of a teenager and gobble up everything in site.

  • Your ads are obsessed with we what to wear, what to read, and how fat we are.

On the other hand, Apple is more like the parent of a teenager:

  • We can only use apps that they approve of,

  • As long as we're under their roof, we live by their rules,

  • Developers have to watch their language or they will get sent to their room.,

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